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Give Me Five!
Dr. Suen Ka Chun

Give me five! is an American informal expression to invite someone to hit your open hand with theirs, in order to greet them or to show how pleased you are. It is also a common gesture to show satisfaction and encouragement after success, it stands for mutual trust and support among team members. Today I would like to invite all parents and staff members to Give Me Five to break down the barriers between homes and school, and to open the door to parents and other family members who have never volunteered at school to take first step into the school to help at the Parent Teacher Association (PTA) or school event.

Ever since the inauguration of our PTA in the year 2006/2007, both the parent members and staff members have worked closely to think of meaningful ways to include families in the life of the school, so that all parents have a chance to be involved, and to be engaged in building fellowship among parents, teachers, children and the community to achieve a mutual understanding of goals in educating children. During the past three years, I am happy to witness that parents are growing in strength and see themselves as involved in their children's education. Evidence shows that when children see parents showing that they care about education, they will care. They will also learn the value of helping others.

Give Me Five is a promise from parent to child and a promise from parent to school. With Give Me Five, with the mutual trust and support among members the PTA, I am confident that all our children will definitely be, in return, Give Me Five with us, to show satisfaction and encouragement after success!

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